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Brochure Printing

Our standard brochures are printed on glossy 11" x 8.5" 80lb text weight paper for a photo quality finish, tri-folded to a convenient size of 3.7" x 8.5".

Leaving your customers a brochure printed by J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. is a great way to inform them of what services you provide. We print the highest quality full color brochures in Charleston, South Carolina at the best prices.  Email us at sales@jrrowellprinting.com for your free quote on your next order of business cards.

Brochure Design

If you don't know where to start with creating your brochures, let us help you create the perfect design.  Having professionally designed and printed brochures can give you an edge on the competition. Call us today at 843-747-0005 for the best full color tri-fold brochures printed at a low price.  J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. is the best full color printer in the area. If you decide to design your own brochure here is a diagram to help you put together a print ready brochure:

Panel Folding:

  Since brochures are printed as a standard letter size sheet of paper (11" x 8.5"), the panels become difficult to calculate for tri-folding.  Based on the diagram above make Panel 6 and Panel 1 on Page 1 (the front and back of your brochure) the same size (3.7083333").  Make Panels 2 and 3 the same size on page 2 to correspond with 6 & 1 (size 3.7083333").  This will ensure that the panel that folds into the brochure will be .1" smaller than the front and back.  For guides in design programs set your first guideline on page 1 for the brochure at 3.5833337", and set your second guideline to 7.291667". On page 2 of your full color brochure set your first guideline to 3.708333" and your second guide line to 7.41666".  Email us at sales@jrrowellprinting.com to find out more about how to design your full color brochure for printing with J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc.

Brochures - A Marketing Solution

Small economical ways to brand your company, full color brochures are a great edition to a complete marketing package.  Nothing makes you look more professional than a complete brand.  Starting with a logo design, we can match your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, rack cards, and more Click here to see J.R. Rowell Printing Company, Inc.'s 9 Step Marketing Solution. Brochures are step #4 on our list.

Sample Brochure Card Designs by J.R. Rowell Printing Company, Inc.