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Rack Cards

Rack Card Printing

4"x9" rack cards are an excellent way to promote your business. These small convenient pocket size printed pieces can be your ticket to better business.  From political campaigns to tourist travel stops, rack cards have been a reliable source for drumming up new customers for years. Whether you want just 500 or more than 10,000 rack cards, you can be sure that J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. is dedicated to printing a professional rack card for you to hand to your potential customers.  Email us at sales@jrrowellprinting.com for your free quote on your next order of rack cards.

There are many areas of promotion that need our 4"x9" glossy finish rack cards to get a quick message out to customers that might just need your services. Call us today at 843-747-0005 for the best full color rack cards printed at a low price. J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. is the best full color printer in Charleston, South Carolina. A few areas of advertising that benefit from Rack Cards are:

1.  Political Campaigns:

Rack cards are more commonly known in the political arena as "Palm Cards". They are printed in the same size and format as our standard rack cards, which make J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. the perfect choice for your political campaign printing needs.  Our 4"x9" format is just enough room to touch on the finer points of your campaign giving your constituents a better understanding of what you stand for.  We have helped many candidates succeed in the past, let us help you win those extra votes you need. Convenient to carry, rack cards make the perfect choice for door-to-door campaigning. Email us at sales@jrrowellprinting.com to find out more about having your political campaign rack cards printed with us.

2. Restaurants:

When a tourist or business traveler is in the lobby of their hotel, you can make sure that your restaurant will be chosen above the rest in the rack with the cards you had printed with us. Your 4"x9" rack cards will be printed on a glossy coated heavy stock that will give your rack cards a look that will make your restaurant stand out from the rest. Call us today to order your high quality rack cards - 843-747-0005.

3. Hotels:

Imagine having your hotel seen by every visitor at rest stops and travel centers along the different routes into Charleston, SC.  Our full color printed rack cards can be your ticket to higher room rentals during both the summer and winter seasons here in Charleston.  With people choosing to travel closer to home, and driving rather than flying, now is the time to start your campaign to have your hotel chosen above the rest. You can place your rack cards in strategic locations to get the most for your advertising dollar. Email us at sales@jrrowellprinting.com to find out more about having your rack cards printed with us.

4. Tourist Attractions:

In a city like Charleston, South Carolina there are hundreds of venues that offer attractions for the tourists to visit. If you have a lesser-known attraction or are one of the largest, rack cards are a great way to spread the word about what attractions you offer. You can place your rack cards at the visitor center, or at rest areas along the highways that lead to Charleston. You won't be disappointed with the results of your full color printed rack cards from J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. Call us today 843-747-0005.

Rack Cards - A Marketing Solution

Rack cards are an excellent addition to a complete marketing solution.  From getting your candidate recognized in the community to pulling the tourists to your restaurant or attraction, our professionally printed rack cards will help your business or campaign succeed.Click here to see J.R. Rowell Printing Company, Inc.'s 9 Step Marketing Solution that includes rack cards as part of step #7.