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J.R. Rowell Printing Company: 9 Step Marketing Solution



1. Logo Design:

We will create a logo for your business from scratch or re-design an existing logo.  You can't begin marketing without a professional look.

2. Business Cards:

Business cards are a quick way to get your business name known in the community, and are a cost effective way to get started with your Marketing plan.  Our Design department at J.R. Rowell Printing, Charleston SC will create a visually pleasing look from the logo design, and help you find the right balance of information for your business cards.

3. Letterhead, and Envelopes:

From sending professional quotes to mailing invoices, you need professionally printed letterhead and envelopes.  We will create a unique and effective look for your stationary, and print them in-house at a low cost.

4. Brochures:

Now that you have the essential tools for starting your business you will need to explain your services in detail.  A tri-fold full color brochure is an elegant solution.  Our marketing staff at J.R. Rowell Printing Company South Carolina, will assist you in creating a visually pleasing and informative brochure, and will ensure a high printing standard from start to finish.

5. Website:

Although not everyone is connected to the Internet, it is fast becoming the number one source for marketing solutions.  We can help you create a website design that is right for you.  We have the tools to help your company be seen on the World Wide Web.

6. Catalog of Services:

Brochures may not have enough space to fully explain the reach of your services/products.  We at J.R. Rowell Printing believe that a full color catalog is the best way to list your services.  Whether you need 4 pages or 40, we can design and print a full color catalog to help your customers order what they need.

7. Advertising:

Today there are thousands of advertising outlets, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.  J.R. Rowell Printing Company has been in business for over 30 years and has the experience necessary to help you chose.  From billboards, newspaper ads, and magazine ads, to on-line banners and advertising we can help you start the Ad campaign your company needs.

Target Mailing (Post Cards):

We believe that mailing is still an effective way to advertise.  Our design team will put together a professional look for your postcards, and help you find the right target audience for your postcards. Our standard postcards are the right tools for you to advertise.

Rack Cards:

For 30 years Charleston has been our home, and we have seen how useful a quality rack card can be in a tourist town.  We also believe rack cards can be an effective tool in any town. Our high quality rack cards are the perfect solution for you to reach a large audience.

8. Promotional Items:

Tide Tables:

Our unique tide tables are a cost effective way to reach potential clients and customers.  They are a pocket size 3.5"x5" booklet with the tidal charts listed by month on each page.  For a minimal cost you can choose from 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, and full color covers designed by your or our design team.  Our customers rely on these Tide Tables from year to year, to keep their customers coming back for more.


J.R. Rowell Printing Charleston SC, will help you design the perfect calendar to give to your customers.  Calendars are a great gift for anyone to receive.  These stunning promotional items hung in an office or displayed on a desk, will be a constant reminder to your customers of what you can do for them.


From Sullivan's Island to Folly Beach, J.R. Rowell Printing Company Inc. has a stockpile of various maps you can have customized to fit your needs.  A helpful tool for any out of town guest, your custom maps will help your clients find their way around town at the same time as reminding them of what you do.  

9. Newsletters:

Now that you have gone through our first 8 steps, the right people are seeing your brand at the right time.  Now you need to keep your brand in front of your customers as much as possible.  Newsletters serve a multi-purpose, 1: informing your customers of changes to your industry and business, 2: Continual Advertising.  Keeping your brand visible is the last step in J.R. Rowell Printing's 9 step marketing solution.

Just because we end this with step #9, doesn't mean you stop here.  Steps 6-9 are continual steps, meaning that you must keep repeating these steps even after finishing this list.  You should update your catalog of services when changes are made to your offerings, you should keep advertising your brand in as many venues as is economically possible, keep handing out promotional items, and keep your customers informed with your newsletters.

We want you to succeed and believe that our 9 Step Marketing Solution will help make your company the best in the business.   Call us today at 843-747-0005 to find out how you can get started with Step #1.

J.R. Rowell Printing Company, the best Printing Company South Carolina has to offer.